Corp Phone Solutions
Fragmented Candy
Restoration Specialists
Project Managment
C2 it
Venture Capital
BBC Managment
NH White Mountain
Great Glen Resort
Z Group
Pre-Columbian Culture
Cultura Sportswear
Advanced Children's School
Lemberg Center
Kids Coloring Books
Mascot Publishing
Indigenous Inspired T Shirts
Kogui Beachwear
South American Resort
Golden Suites
Pharmaceutical Cure
Neutro Derm
Music Artist/Band
Carlos Vives
Religious Symbol
Church Of Christ
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8:30am to 5:30pm EST
Email: info@greenlime.co
logo design
- sipIQ -
corporate identity for a new corporate telephony provider based out of New York City
logo design
- fragmints -
a new xylitol sweetened candy/mint with a fractured shape. the logo is a fractured representation of the words fragments and mints in combination
logo design
- ARS -
a restoration company specializing in fast response to destructive events
logo design
- C2it -
a project managment services company
logo design
- BBC Managment -
a venture capital investment firm specializing in South American opportunities
logo design
- Great glen -
an outdoor adventures resort in the white mountains
logo design
- Zgroup -
corporate identity for a high end construction company.
logo design
- manno-max -
an all natural detox medicine, produced by Smart Sweet.
logo design
- natural food products -
Smart Sweet is a company that makes natural foods and alternative sweeteners
logo design
- cultura -
- Cultura sportswear - cultura is a hybrid resort wear / tourist sportswear line that sells to a wide spectrum of clients throughout the Caribbean, based on pre-columbian culture
logo design
- Lemberg center -
advanced childrens preschool learning center
logo design
- Mascot Publishing -
ducka is the name of the icon for this childrens book publishing company
logo design
- Kogui sportswear -
a indigenous themed graphical beachwear line.
logo design
- Golden Suites -
a 5 star Caribbean resort with a theme around the conquistadors and the Spanish gold route note the a "piece of 8" in the icon.
logo design
- Neutro Derm -
a new amazing all natural healing ointment using just water and plants found in the amazon.
logo design
- Carlos Vives y la Provincia -
a latin music awards winning music star and his band.
logo design
- Soda Pops restaurant -
a fun themed fast food chain.
logo design
- Church of Christ -
a Christian Church in South America.